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TPG's SIP Voice service enables your telephony traffic to be carried via Session Initiation Protocol (SIP). This SIP Trunking solution - which uses TPG's
extensive Ethernet network - provides superior scalability in comparison to traditional ISDN, and seamless integration with your existing VOIP equipment.


Ease of use

If you need to stage your implementation and integrate only
a limited number of SIP lines, TPG can easily assimilate into
your existing IP phone system via the Ethernet port, allowing
your SIP and phone lines to operate concurrently.

Intelligent centralised number hosting

TPG operates an ISO 9001:2008 certified management system that assures the quality of installation, management
and maintenance.

Solutions for complex requirements

TPG's expert Network Engineers and Voice Specialists can
work with you to develop a solution that meets your requirements.
Some of these solutions include flexible call plans, centralised
national number hosting, super trunk capability, diverse carrier
platform and multiple levels of redundancy.

Keep your existing numbers

TPG has arrangements with major carriers to enable
you to migrate your existing numbers from those carriers
to TPG's SIP Voice seamlessly and efficiently.

Flexible call tariffs

Whether your calls are constant, seasonal, local, long distance
or international, TPG can build flexible and cost-effective solutions
to match your business' unique calling patterns.

Simple management

Get one provider with one bill and one point of contact; receive
24/7 support to minimise hassles and improve business continuity;
and access TPG's Online Billing Analyser to analyse your costs,
reconcile accounts and identify savings.

Parameter Specifications
Configuration 5 channels to thousands
Access Networks Fibre400
Mid-Band Ethernet
Ethernet over SDH
Ethernet over Fibre
Third party Ethernet
PABX Support All major vendors. Contact TPG for the full list.
Local Number Portability Yes with participating carriers
Site Requirements Rack space (1RU) and 240V AC 50Hz power to be provided by the Customer
Reporting Summary invoice and individual call details
Contract Terms Minimum contract term is 12 months. Longer contract terms (e.g. 24 months, 36 months and
longer) are available and attract term discounts.
Provisioning Targets TPG infrastructure: 25 working days (metro), 30 working days (regional) or as advised (third party).
TPG infrastructure physical modifications: 10 working days (metro), 15 working days (regional)
or as advised (third party).
TPG infrastructure logical modifications: 5 working days.
Outage Restoration Targets
(Access network dependent)
TPG infrastructure: 4 hours (metro) or 4 hours + 1 business day where a site visit is required
Third party: 8 hours (metro) or 8 hours + 1 business day where a site visit is required (regional).
Requirements An IP enabled PBX or SIP Gateway device so you can connect to TPG via Ethernet

How it Works

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