Domain Name Hosting


TPG offers two types of Domain Name Services:

  • Domain Name Registration for customers who require a new domain name.
  • Domain Name Hosting for customers who want to host their domain name on the TPG DNS servers.

What is a Domain Name?
A Domain Name on the Internet is the equivalent of the street address of your business and can be personalised to include your company name. Your Domain Name is exclusively yours and is used by others to locate you on the Internet. It consists of your company's name followed by a suffix that shows where the company is based and what type of organisation it is, for example: and can contain letters, numbers, hyphens and must be in lowercase.

Benefits of a Domain Name
A Domain Name enables you to create a unique presence on the Internet. Your Web Site and employees' email addresses will reflect your corporate identity rather than your Internet Service Providers name, and will make it easy for your clients to locate you on the Internet.

Having your own Domain Name will give your company and employees a professional and consistent image that can be reflected in all company stationery and advertising material. Employee e-mail addresses allow for their full name, for example:

Your Domain Name is portable when changing account types and Internet Service Providers, which means you can keep the same web site and e-mail addresses. Your Domain Name does not indicate your company size therefore leveling the playing field.

Steps to get a Domain Name

Domain Name Registration

  • Register the Domain Name with an accredited Domain Name Registrar: Melbourne IT
  • Payment must be made to the Domain Name Registrar directly, not to TPG, before Registration of your Domain Name is complete and Hosting may commence.
  • TPG can register the Domain Name on your behalf. Submit an Additional Services Registration form, including your desired Domain Name, ABN Number and    Credit Card details, TPG will complete the rest.
  • Refer to for some Accredited Domain Name Registrars.

Domain Name Hosting

  • Complete the TPG Internet Additional Services Registration Form which includes a Domain Name Hosting Form for TPG to be delegated as the host.
  • Inform TPG of the appropriate email account the domain name is to be used with and the IP address of your Web Site if applicable.
  • TPG can re-delegate existing Domain Names away from your current hosting provider.

Please Note: Domain Name Hosting does not allocate web space to host your Web Site or email addresses, nor does Domain Name Hosting give you access to the Internet. Click here to find out about TPG Web Site Hosting or here to find TPG Dial Up Pricing Plans available.

Domain Name Registration and Hosting Prices

Product Example Yearly Price
Domain Name Registration   For NEW domain names, you will require Registration & Hosting   $25 once off admin fee+ 2 yr registration fee. Contact TPG for pricing
Domain Name Hosting or   $99
*Domain Name Redirecting   $50
Domain Name Hosting & Redirecting   For free webspace or customers own web address   $139
Sub-Domain Hosting   $25
Secondary Domain Name Hosting       $89

NOTE: Price includes GST. Prices are subject to change. Billed annually in advance. All data hosted at TPG is backed up once a week. TPG does not take responsibility for any redirection to a 3rd party.

*Redirecting to Free Web space/ an IP Address/ external Website may only be done if TPG is Hosting the Domain Name.

Naming Authorities

Internet Names Australia – Australian Naming Authority For commercial entities For educational institutions For government and semi-government entities For individual zones For entities which are visible within the ACSnet domain For major Australian informational and service resources For network infrastructure and providers For associations

Internic – US Naming Authority
.com For commercial organisations anywhere in the world
.org For non commercial organisations anywhere in the world

Pricing of Domain Name Registrations may vary with each Domain Name Registrar.
For Pricing Info please check with the Domain Name Registrar of your Choice.
Refer to Melbourne IT for individual registration details for each Domain Name type.

Product Fees
Domain Name Registration*
Melbourne IT $A99* inc GST for two years registration of Domain Names
Internic $US70* for two years registration
Domain Name Hosting
Domain Name Hosting $99 inc GST Per Year
Registration of your Domain Name by TPG $25 inc GST Once Off Administration Fee

Domain Name Registration Fees are invoiced directly by the naming authority not by TPG
The Domain Name Hosting charge covers the management of routing to designated web sites and mail servers, traffic of visitors and e-mail referencing the domain name